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Company Profile
Cheng Ding is a professional metal mesh manufacturer that offers many kinds of mesh belt products such as mechanical conveyor metal mesh belt, conveyor mesh belt, the heat-treatment machine mesh belt, food machine mesh belt, metal wire conveyor belt, quick-freeze ladder mesh, and rhombus mesh etc.
Main products:
Rod mesh belt, cross / straight rod mesh belt, side-removal conveyor mesh belt, overlapping mesh belt, chain conveyor mesh belt, metal wire conveyor mesh belt.
Our company provides OEM & ODM services that can meet customer's requirement.
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Specialized in Manufacture and Development of Metal Mesh Belts
Cheng Ding Co., Ltd. is Widely Admired by Fastener Companies
Headquartered in Dali, Taichung, Cheng Ding Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in metal mesh belts for various processing industries in Taiwan. Its products include rod mesh belts, cross/straight rod mesh belts, side-removal conveyor mesh belts, overlapping mesh belts, chain conveyor mesh belts, metal wire conveyor mesh belts. Its annual total production reaches around 360 tons. 100% made of stainless steel wire imported from Japan, mesh belts of Cheng Ding have been widely used in fasteners, hand tools, solar power, photovoltaics, electrics, food and medical industries, and the fastener industry in particular represents more than 50% of its total mesh belt deliveries, making it one of the most dedicated areas of Cheng Ding. Over the past two decades, Cheng Ding with the advantages of its durable and high temperature resistant mesh belts as well as flexible customizing capabilities has established very close collaboration with Taiwanese fastener industry.
President Chen noted, “Among the fastener companies that represent 50% of our total sales, many of them have been our loyal customers and good friends for more than 10 years. In addition to Taiwanese customers, we have also extended our business reach to other markets like Southeast Asia, Russia, and Japan through our partnered distributors and traders. Through the promotion in media, we’ve also received inquiries from the Arabic and Korean buyers, which fully demonstrates the fact that our quality has been recognized throughout the industries worldwide.”
Chen added, “We value quality of products very much. If our products are good and durable enough, we can help our customers achieve sustainable operation and make the brand of Cheng Ding shine bright. As a result, we only use high quality stainless steel wire rod made by Nippon Seisen and could adopt different knitting ways to manufacture mesh belts according to customers’ applications. Cheng Ding’s mesh belts can sustain the temperature of up to 1050-1700℃. For the heat treating process of general screws, the temperature is around 900℃, which is much lower than 1050-1700℃. If mesh belts are used by customers properly, it won’t be a problem for the mesh belts to last for 1-2 years.”
Compared to the mesh belts offered by Japanese manufacturers, Cheng Ding’s mesh belts are also of equivalent high quality and their comparatively lower cost could also help customers generate more profit gains, which is why several customers from more advanced industries continue to purchase from Cheng Ding. Looking forward, Cheng Ding is also planning to tap into new markets (e.g. electrics, hand tools, etc.) in addition to maintaining existing customers and create more competitive edges for customers in the global market.
Cheng Ding contact: Ms. Chen